Grilled Farmer Cheese Sandwich with Ham and Arugula

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Prep time: 15 min

Servings: 4


8 sourdough bread slices

1⁄4 cup butter (2 oz) butter, softened

6 oz Scandic® Farmer Cheese, thinly sliced

6 oz smoked ham, thinly sliced

2 cups (13⁄4 oz) baby arugula, washed

2 tbsp olive oil, divided


  1. Spread bread slices lightly with butter on one side. Turn over four of the slices and arrange half of the Farmer Cheese and ham on top, cutting to fit as needed.
  2. Arrange arugula over ham and top with remaining Farmer Cheese slices. Top with remaining bread slices, with the buttered sides facing up.
  3. Heat 1 tbsp of the olive oil in a large non-stick skillet set over a medium heat until hot. Place two sandwiches in the skillet and press down with a spatula to ensure even contact between the skillet and bread.
  4. Cook for 2-3 minutes until golden-brown underneath before flipping and cooking the other sides for a further 2-3 minutes until golden and toasted.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 for the remaining two sandwiches.
  6. When ready, cut in half and serve immediately for best results.

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